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Earlier ThursHowever, what makes 90% junk cheap michael kors  silver bags a popular investment is the fact that premiums are extremely low compared to other bullion, mainly due to junk silver's low collectibility value. Junk silver bags can be purchased for pennies over the spot price per ounce, whereas premiums for 1 oz. silver coins can be a few dollars over spot. Another attraction of junk cheap michael kors bags silver is its resemblance to coins in circulation today. Junk silver coins are recognizable to anyone who has ever held a US coin in their hand yet, at the same time, is distinguishable from its modern day counterpart because of its pre 1965 date. This makes junk silver easily interchangeable due to its familiar appearance and proven silver content. Junk silver is especially cheap michael kors handbags  attractive to survivalists and doomsday proponents, who believe that in the event of a total economic collapse and/or world war, fiat money will become worthless due to hyperinflation and junk silver, due to its real value stemming from its silver content and low denomination, would be the most easily interchangeable cheap michael kors purses precious metal for daily goods such as food, water, cooking oil, gasoline and clothing, am

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