hockey bag

 When choosing a hockey bag, many cheap michael kors factors go into your decision. You need to think about size, material, durability, transporting your equipment, and air cheap michael kors bags flow to eliminate odors from your hockey gear. So here's how to get started with the right gear.

The size will depend on your equipment. A mite's (4 5 year old hockey player) gear is smaller than adult hockey gear, so you won't need such a large bag cheap michael kors handbags unless you have siblings sharing the bag to the rink. Most bags have compartments. The two outside pockets are used to store your skates, so make sure they are the right size for the skates. Some bags have another smaller pocket for personal cheap michael kors purses things, such as your car keys. The rest of your hockey gear, shoulder pads, elbow pads, neck guard, pants, shin guards, and gloves, go in your bag. A goalie will also need a larger bag to accommodate all of his extra gear.

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