Build opportunely high-heeled shoes and shorts Personality, fashion show tall

In late summer, is the exclusive girls love beautiful season, is a good time for a beautiful figure, love beautiful sister how to pass? Maybe, my sister has been christian louboutin shoes good and think of all the street strategy, especially like a sister, give a taste of won't miss the high-heeled shoes and shorts. This not only can draw the outline of the charming of women hip line, very sexy, plus a feminine pair of high heels, especially sexy fish mouth high-heeled, a great stretch the leg to the vision aesthetic feeling, greatly promoted the "goddess" demeanor. So, how to choose a pair of comfortable, and full of taste of high-heeled shoes?

The color of the blue is very pure, often can let a person associate to the sea, air, water, and the universe. Pure blue symbolizes the pure and fresh, clear. It is full of dreams, always keep clear, romantic feeling. When waterproof and blue collision on high heel sandals christian louboutin outlet , zhuo's poetry has been well interpreted with its beautiful, pure, quiet and mysterious. Exquisite rivets, in sorching summer show relaxed and natural breath, match blue denim shorts, sexy exude the wild filar silk. Inviting open-toed shoes head fish mouth, is like concealed, shows the woman's elegant fashion temperament. Noble glass with design, delicate and inside collect, science proportion, nobleness connotation.

If it is a white fastens collocation sheet is tasted, when choosing a shoe, as far as possible to choose the color of beautiful beautiful, for example, such as silver, purple, orange, style is concise and easy, best suits summer feeling of cool and refreshing shu shuang, and can better highlight your figure sexy side. In accordance with the thought of Q light purple pure color sandals, simple christian louboutin sale   design, with easy do artificial leather material, comfortable on foot, at the same time also show thin foot. Angle buckles with ankle joint, conforms to the foot structure adjustment, metal buckles in sorching summer more convenient. Steady water chestnut with type, into the latest electroplating process, effect and moving, keep a steady pace and sexy. In addition, ensure that under the condition of constant modelling, can be appropriate to add some accessories to adorn the body focus.

In this season, the emergence of street charming little shorts, combined with personalized high-heeled shoes, you can put the sexy and released. Conversion christian louboutin boots in a beautiful morning, a kind of temperament, with full of the beauty of a fresh, with a gentle intellectual female charm, conquer the streets

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